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What our Customers Say

Please take a little time to read through what our customers say about usĀ and our garden and landscape services.

Channel 4’s Secret Agent Program

Phil Spencer’s Secret Agent hired Gareth and Alan Savage to renovate the garden of one of the properties in Gosforth:

“As one of the biggest projects taken on to the property, Cutting Edge Landscapes did an outstanding job on the garden and with all the help we hope to get this property which once would not shift, sold on the market.

Undergoing the project and finishing in less than a week meant we could utilise the restricted time we are given to renovate the properties, so without the help of Cutting Edge Landscapes we would not have finished the job in time, and to such a high standard.

Channel Four would like to strongly recommend Cutting Edge Landscapes for their dedication, precision and skill to which they applied to the Secret Agent project.”

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